“Quick-Start” Your Recovery®

iStock_000015938029_FullLet Regal handle your post-surgery protocols and pamper you when you go home with our “Quick Start” Your Recovery® Program!

A Regal skilled nurse or professional caregiver can bring you or a loved one home and get them settled in after a hospital stay, surgical procedure or lengthy visit to a rehab or assisted living facility. 

“Quick Start” Your Recovery® is available 24/7/365!

Service includes a home safety check, medication pour, and making arrangements for the follow up visit with the physician as well. Overnight requests can also be accommodated, if needed after a complex procedure, wound care is involved, or there is a fall risk, etc.

Regal’s professional staff will be sure to:

~  Arrange for transportation

~  Accompany the patient home

~  Review post-discharge protocols

~  Monitor for post-op complications

~  Arrange to pick up prescriptions

~  Administer necessary medications

~  Provide wound care

~  Handle meal preparation

~  Assist with bathing or dressing

Generally $250 for a 4 hour minimum for an RN or LPN, and $100 for a 4 hour minimum for a CNA or HHA. Additional hourly services are available, price will vary depending on the level of professional care you need: RN, LPN, CNA, HHA or Caregiver. Some light housekeeping can be done if required and laundry tended to upon arriving home. Contact Ferial Andre, RN, CCM, CDP, at 561-499-8382 for more information.