Concierge Services

Home Health Aide, Transport, Concierge Services

Regal can help you or a loved one take care of life’s daily details or other necessities no matter how big or small. Our premium and discreet concierge services can ensure that no client misses a birthday or holiday celebration, has an empty refrigerator, or fails to attend a dentist appointment or a special event. Whether regular medical check-ups, weekly services such as shopping or marketing, monthly visits to the hairdresser, or occasional social activities or trips to family and friends, Regal can take care of the details allowing you or a loved one to live your life free of worry. We will even care for your plants and pets, pick up your mail and dry cleaning or arrange for your car to get washed and serviced!



  •   ~  Shopping / Marketing
  •   ~  Doctor / Dentist visits
  •   ~  Household chores / Light housekeeping
  •   ~  Bill paying
  •   ~  Social Secretary / Appointment setting
  •   ~  Estate appraisals / Asset disposition
  •   ~  Documentation of valuables
  •   ~  Event planning and coordination
  •   ~  Travel arrangements
  •   ~  Seasonal home / Condo opening and closing
  •   ~  Coordination of home services professionals ( plumber, electrician, handyman, etc.)
  •   ~  Organized leisure activities / Social activities