Alzheimer’s Program Services

Regal Cares Alzheimer's Patient

When dementia strikes it can mean more than a decline in cognition and missed memories. Often cognitive impairment robs our loved ones of their ability to perform simple daily tasks, manage their hygiene, make decisions and keep themselves safe. Unfortunately as Alzheimer’s progresses and symptoms worsen it becomes more and more difficult for family and friends to handle the changes that need to be made in the home environment and daily routine as well as manage medications. Regal’s professional caregivers and care managers understand how frustrating AD can be for sufferers and their families and can help you navigate each stage while working to improve the patient’s quality of life and advocate for their comfort and safety. 

Once Regal is engaged, an assessment is made and a plan of care is established, then it is continually evaluated. Regal caregivers help with bathing, dressing, meals, toileting, stimulating mental activities, and either routine exercise or transferring. Regal nurses serve as care managers who coordinate, communicate and advocate for the patient with their physicians and therapists, identify options and resources for the patient and their family, and even assist with insurance. Regal accepts assignment of benefits from most long-term care insurance companies and can assist you in verifying and maximizing your benefits.

Loss of memory and motor skills, lack of ability to communicate, depression, risk of falls and wandering, complex medication schedules can all make life difficult. For peace of mind, in addition to assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs), special services available for Alzheimer’s patients include:

     ~  Continuous evaluation of care plan as AD progresses

     ~  Home safety assessments

     ~  Medication management, monitoring of side effects

     ~  Nutrition counseling, meal planning

     ~  Monitoring  of symptoms and changes in motor function and mood

     ~  Fall prevention, daily exercise for strengthening of balance and mobility

     ~  Coordination of physician appointments and therapist services

     ~  Special activities to engage the patient and relieve depression and anxiety

     ~  Training for family and household caregivers

     ~  Patient advocacy

     ~  Respite care

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