Portfolio of Services

Home Health Services

Home Health Services 

Quality Care, Custom Designed for Your Needs –

Whether the need is for a full range of skilled nursing services, a caregiver to assist with medication reminders, meals and housekeeping, or provide help with the activities of daily living (ADLs), Regal will provide consistent and compassionate care, and a level of service that exceeds industry standards and client expectations. The need may be pre- or post surgery, due to accident or illness, disease or the complications of aging – Regal will act as the client’s advocate if care is required at home, hospital, or facility for a few hours a day to around-the-clock. For a complete list of Home Health services Regal provides click here.

Care Management

Care Management Services

Our Comprehensive, Caring Approach to Your Comfort –

After an in-depth assessment, a Regal RN or LPN creates a customized plan of care for the client, coordinating closely with family members, physicians and therapists. Regal clinicians then serve as Care Manager and client advocate while supervising all aspects of care and medication management, with the level of personal attention necessary for each individual situation. Our Care Managers constantly reevaluate the client’s medical, physical and psychological needs, and then adjust the plan of care as necessary to reach medical goals, promote independence and enhance their quality of life. For a complete list of Care Management services Regal provides click here.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Taking Care of Life’s Daily Details When You Can’t –

Regal concierge companions provide non-medical services like grocery shopping, running errands, arranging for repairs or appointments, organizing Seniors in the event of a hurricane, or planning their birthday party! This service is a great way to introduce “outside help” into the home and can provide a regular “check-in” for family members across the street or across the state. Let us take care of life’s everyday details with a personal touch (when you can’t) in a cost efficient manner, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For a complete list of Concierge services Regal can provide click here.

Parkinson’s Program Services

Parkinson’s is Progressive But Treatable –

Putting a puzzle together, writing a letter, even getting dressed is not as simple as it once was. Cooking a meal or taking a bath can be a challenge for Parkinson’s patients, and of course the risk for falls is serious. Regal professionals understand how frustrating PD can be for sufferers and their families and can help you navigate assessments, symptoms, therapy and medications, as well as insurance. After a plan of care is established to address the client’s needs, it is continually evaluated for quality of life, comfort and safety. Changes to the home environment and daily routine can be complex – Regal can help! Click HERE to learn more.

Alzheimer’s Program Services

Peace of Mind is Priceless –

Often cognitive impairment robs our loved ones of their ability to perform simple daily tasks, manage their hygiene, make decisions and keep themselves safe. Unfortunately as Alzheimer’s progresses and symptoms worsen it becomes more and more difficult for family and friends to handle the changes that need to be made in the home environment, activities and daily routine, as well as manage medications. Regal’s professional caregivers and care managers understand how frustrating AD can be for sufferers and their families and can help you navigate each stage while working to improve the patient’s quality of life and advocate for their comfort and safety. Regal can give you peace of mind! Click HERE to learn more.

“Be Prepared” Program ®

Setting a New Standard for Managing Your Health and Safety-

Don’t wait till a medical crisis or hurricane strikes to realize you or a loved one needs help at home. Respite care is not always available immediately in an emergency UNLESS you are signed up in Regal’s “Be Prepared” Program. All the necessary paperwork and forms are filled out, and the financial arrangements agreed upon in advance so that when you pick up the phone to request a nurse or a caregiver, they can be on their way in minutes! This program is invaluable when the patient needs more help in meeting the medical goals, is a fall risk, developing dementia or starts to decline and is in need of supervision and physical assistance. Click HERE to learn more.

Ask about our Hurricane Preparedness Program! Click HERE to learn more.

“Quick-Start” Your Recovery ® 

We’re at Our Best When You’re at Your Worst –

Let one of our skilled nurses or professional caregivers bring you home and get you settled in after a hospital stay, surgery or lengthy visit to a rehab or assisted living facility. We will be sure to review the post-discharge protocols, explain the doctors orders, arrange for any medical supplies or medications you need, be sure you have food in the fridge and a meal to eat, and then bathe you and settle you in for the rest of the day. Generally $250 for a 4 hour minimum; price will vary depending on the level of professional care you need: RN, LPN, CNA, HHA or Caregiver. Additional hourly services are available of course in case you also require light housekeeping and some laundry tended to upon arriving home. Overnight requests accommodated. Click HERE to learn more.


Post Plastic Surgery Services

Recommended by Doctors to Handle the Details –

Rest assured Regal can handle the details at home for you post-surgery while you are in pain, your wounds need attention, and medication needs to be administered. Our skilled nurses and caregivers provide a simple solution after what may have been a complex procedure! Regal will arrange for transportation from the surgical center, monitor for post-op complications, assist with medication and even make you a meal. Our goal is to pamper you while observing all the post-op protocols the physician requires for his patients to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. Overnight requests can be accommodated, generally these services are provided short term. Rates vary by the level of skilled care your recovery requires. Click HERE to learn more.

“Holiday Helper” Program ®

Regal Takes the Stress Out of Holiday Time –

Whether winter or summer holidays and at vacation or birthday time, Regal nurses and home health professionals can assist when respite care is needed, daycare facilities are closed, nursing homes are short staffed, or just because you want your loved one to have help with the preparations in order to enjoy the celebration. We can help make the most of the holidays either at the patient’s residence, the family home, hospital or facility. Reasonable rates, transport and all skill levels available. Click HERE to learn more.

For clients with Long Term Care Insurance, Regal offers assistance in deciphering and understanding policy benefits, and works with individuals and families to maximize the use of their benefits in an economical and efficient way.