Hats Off to Home Health Workers on Labor Day!

HHAs, CNAs, Home Health Aide, Senior Care, Elder home care, Alzheimer's care, Parkinson's aideRegal salutes the Eldercare and Home Health workers in South Florida and asks you this Labor Day to consider for a moment the part they play in today’s society! Unfortunately due to the “silver tsunami” Senior aides and companions are one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S., but these jobs have some of highest burnout rates — some of the lowest paid wages – and some the harshest conditions under which to work.

Regal Home Health Aides & Certified Nursing Assistants have historically always been fairly compensated. We are an award winning company that has always beat industry standards & patients’ expectations! We feel it is fair and just that home care workers are now eligible for minimum wage and overtime pay thanks to the DOL’s home care rule. There is now a real opportunity for other companies to follow Regal’s lead to improve these positions, and not just with payroll.

Compliance with the DOL’s new home care rule does not necessarily lead to less continuity of care. A respected, family owned agency like Regal, in business for over a decade, has adapted to the new overtime rules effectively and efficiently so that even clients with dementia have their routine disrupted as little as possible.

HHAs and CNAs play an important role in families’ lives. Regal professionals are the eyes and ears for the family assisting with the patient’s daily needs, helping to monitor the patient’s pain and medication, keeping them comfortable, safe, and preventing unnecessary emergency room visits. The quality of life of our Seniors and the elderly are in the hands of these dedicated workers, yet as a group their labor is often undervalued and their efforts go unrecognized.

No shortage of home health workers exists just yet, but unless this industry can offer true economic opportunity to the pool of candidates available, patients needing assistance at home in the near future may be at risk. Regal has always realized that fair wages and skills training offers great potential and opportunity in Home Health careers while improving the quality of care our patients receive. That is an investment we gladly make that benefits all sides.

Programs are needed that expand access to affordable quality long term care to improve Home Health and senior care jobs. Creating tax credits for those paying for homecare or eldercare, or perhaps an innovative social insurance program or long term care voucher program for families might be a solution.

Regal professionals understand that long term care and private duty nursing is an integral part of the puzzle needed to allow Seniors to age well and comfortably in the home. We offer a broad spectrum of home health and skilled nursing services to families and individuals tailored to meet their specific needs, personality, and pocketbook. Let our family take care of your family! Contact Ferial Andre, RN, CCM, CDP, for more information at 561-499-8382 or ferialandre@regalcares.com.

This article is not intended as medical, legal or financial advice.

Saturday, September 3, 2016 @ 05:09 PM