Regal Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your help last night. Cynthia is wonderful and made Mom and Dad feel so much better. She is very good with them and so encouraging. They both slept well, having Cynthia in the house was so comforting. Mom gets very little sleep because she spends her nights worrying about Dad!” – Sherra P.

“My wife Tema is back home and doing great thanks to Regal! If we need an aide in the future, I will certainly give you a call. We are so thankful for the wonderful help your agency provided.” – Glenn D.

“I was a client of Regal in 2014 and recently rehired your agency. I want to sing the praises of my caregiver Darlyne. She is very nice and helped me a lot while I was receiving physical therapy over the last few months.” – Barbara L.

“My parents are good. Nora and Ann are the best team we have ever had. Everyone is super happy. I pray for you as I feel you are a part of our family. You’re a special lady!” – Dennis B.

“I have Parkinson’s. My aide, Joseph, is my friend. Absolutely terrific, he is a marvelous young man, and my wife Phyllis and I depend on him so much. My caregiver has always been so attentive and so reliable.” – David K.

“My Mom is so happy with your caregivers – she is enjoying their companionship and committed to the 24 hour round-the-clock care now that Dad is in rehab!” – Carol R.

“My Father just passed. I am so happy that he got to celebrate his 100th birthday recently. We were hoping he would make that milestone. I want to thank Regal for all their help at the time my Dad needed it the most.” – Zachary M.

“The staff of Regal has provided so much care and great service to my cousin Elizabeth that I will always keep their team in mind for the relief provided.” – Pierre L.

“I just wanted to tell you that Rose is the reason I had such a quick recovery this time around after my second knee surgery. Rose could not have been sweeter or more wonderful – I recommend her for any of your clients!” – Lilyan S.

“Owen is the best caregiver I have ever had! He is always professional, well dressed and groomed. A real team player, he is always willing to do whatever he is asked to do, and then goes above and beyond. And he is always on time.” – Mort E.

“Our Mom passed yesterday morning. My brother and I want to thank Regal for all the help. We want to especially thank Monica, Mom’s caregiver, who was so kind and caring towards her.” – Ken B.thank you letter

“My next door neighbor recommended your agency to me when I found out I had to have an operation 6 weeks ago. I remembered her caregiver Marcy  as the nicest person. I feel great now and am so happy that I called Regal. Julie handled all the paperwork and details beautifully and I was very happy with the aide she sent over, Karen. My daughter ran an assisted living facility in North Carolina, so in my family we all know what good care should be! Thank you Regal.” – Alvin G

“I am so glad I was referred to your Home Health agency. I just love my caregiver Maggie who helped me get better after my recent hospital visit. She is a good companion and understands that I like to stay active and still play cards. After all I am only 93 years old! Maggie loves me and helps keep me young.” – Miriam S.

“We are very happy with our caregiver Roseline. We love her laugh and the fact that she is very accommodating.” – Beverly R.

“I sincerely thank you for remembering my Mother, Sara. She enjoyed the good care given to her during the last year of her life by Regal.” – Barbara O.

“I would like to say that Roselor was an exceptional home health aide, a wonderful helper, and an exceptional person. She was very kind and very sweet. I want to thank you for the service I received. It was excellent….I had no complaints at all!” – Lilyan S.

“I am calling to tell you what a ‘Godsend’ Nurse Shelly has been since my wife’s surgery. We have been very pleased with the services from your agency and so happy her physician recommended you.” – John B.

“Please let me tell your agency how much I love my caregiver Herzilia. I can’t get along without her. I don’t even want her to take a vacation unless she promises to bring me along!” – Helen H.

“Regal has been watching over my 96 year old mother 24/7 as she is still living in her home, since around 2006. You never have to worry, this is a truly professional and high class nursing and health care service company. Thanks my friends, for what I as her 72 year old son could never do!” – Victor K.

When my 96 year old father came home from the hospital he was hallucinating and couldn’t stand or even sit up without help. We needed round the clock aides to do everything for him – dressing, toileting, transferring, feeding, bathing and keeping him calm.  It was a very scary time for our family. We called Regal Home Health care. Cameron was fast to respond, came to the hospital and got the paperwork done, and was very reassuring that my dad would be well taken care of. I hoped we would be in good hands.

We never could have managed on our own. I really don’t know what we would have done without these amazing caregivers. It’s like having angels in the house. Not only do they take care of my dad, they make sure mom is eating, help her with simple housework, take her grocery shopping and to doctors appointments. They are kind, caring, capable, and competent. My mom loves Veronique and feels like she is part of the family now.

I call or text Cameron with every little problem or question, and she always responds immediately, even when her workday is over. She goes above and beyond what we expected. She is helpful and patient, answers all my questions and explains everything clearly. I could not ask for better service.

We are very lucky to have found an agency that is reputable, provides great service, has well trained care givers, is responsive to our needs 24 hours a day, and charges a fair price. Regal Home Health is licensed by the state, insured,and bonded, which is important because you hear so many horror stories these days about care givers. I highly recommend Regal Home Health if you want to work with an agency that gives great service and you can trust.” – Ronne M.

caregiver testimonials“Every quality organization has that one person that is the ‘go to’ guy or gal in times of need, questions, or support. Cameron M. is that one person that has been there for me in my time of need as well as for my parents. Whatever the issue, whatever the question, whatever the ‘crisis’ I have to overcome, Cameron is there for me no matter what day or time. 

If there was an award I could bestow on Cameron, I would gladly be the presenter.” – Dennis B.

“Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation for Marie C. She has been working with jack and Susan G. for over four years and has been fantastic.

Marie has been considerate to my elderly and needy Great Aunt and Uncle while being extremely reliable. I would trust Marie with your most difficult cases.” – Steven G.

“Elsie is great! Very caring, compassionate, gentle, experienced and competent. Thank you! I could tell the second she walked in. Incredible!!” – Ronne M.

“I have nothing but comfortable feelings dealing with you and your agency!” – Linda G.

“You must have sent Marie from heaven….she was very kind, very attentive, and so willing to do everything I asked. She was so helpful. When a caregiver is so good it is a reflection of the company!” – Bonnie McM.

“Violet has been my aide since March 2015. She has been extremely helpful to me. I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Violet. My wish is that she stays with me as long as I am alive. She has been an excellent companion as well as acting as my aide.” – Shirley G.

I wanted to thank you for your assigning Susannah as Care Manager for Joseph.  I admit to thinking I didn’t need the help when recommended, but I was proven wrong and will consider a similar arrangement in the future.

Susannah filled in for me in handling Joe’s doctor visits when I was busy with other matters. It soon became obvious from her reports that her medical knowledge and common sense were just what Joe needed. Joe bonded with her and accepted her direction. 

Joe unexpectedly took a turn for the worse and it came at the time I had a long planned vacation.  He passed away as I was driving to the airport to leave town. Susannah handled arrangements in my absence. Susannah thought of details that would never have occurred to me. Joe had a first rate funeral that could never have happened had anyone else handled the situation.

In brief, from life through his passing, Susannah was a strong influence in handling events in the best manner for which Joe could have hoped.

I felt you should know how important Susannah was in the final days of this man, and by proxy how much I appreciate Regal’s role.  Thank you.” – Curtis R.

“Icelyn took care of my next door neighbor Fay and everyone in my buildingletter was amazed at the marvelous care she gave this lady. I have been lucky to have gotten her, as I requested. She is absolutely the most caring and experienced person I know. We get along great and are more like good friends. I very highly recommend her for anyone.” – Paula N.

“It has been wonderful having Marceline here from your company! She is a great representative; she is very pleasant, kind, very bright and personable. She has been a tremendous help in making me better!! I recommend her highly. Thank you.” – Betty Jane H.

“Thank you very much. During my extended illness your help was appreciated. Reva did a wonderful job taking care of me. She assisted me in every way and drove me where I needed to go. She was considerate, pleasant, and very accommodating. I highly recommend you for her outstanding work.” – Jay G.

“We were so grateful for your services to our Mother, Ina, particularly for the care and kindness of Lerlyn. We will be forever comforted knowing that Lerlyn was with Mom to the end.” – Ruth Y. and Alan W.

“Hi Ferial, I wanted to thank you for your kindness when I needed your help caring for my Mother, Evelyn. Chiquita was lovely and helped to make my Mom’s final days more bearable. Mom took to her immediately.” – Marc G. 

“I wanted to send this note to thank Regal for the excellent service one of your caregivers provided to my mother thisLetters_Recommendation past Friday/Saturday.  My mother, Annette was at home Friday when she attempted to reach for something and fell out of her wheelchair.  Later in the afternoon, her back was in some pain near the end of her caregiver’s service period of 8:00 pm.  Raymonde followed the ambulance to the hospital, kept me in continuous communication (I live in Maine) as my mother received x-rays and other tests, then followed the ambulance home after midnight and ensured my mother was properly in bed.  She finally felt comfortable leaving my mother at 12:30 am.  She also arranged for someone from your staff to stay with my mother Friday night in case she needed any additional help.

Raymonde is a wonderful caregiver, and my mother views her as a member of our family.  I don’t know if you have any programs or rewards for exceptional service for your caregivers – assuming you do, I’d like to encourage you to recognize and/or reward Raymonde for excellent service that personifies the values that Regal espouses.” – Steve G.

“I would be remiss if I did not let you know how much I appreciated having Katya take care of me when I was so ill. She is kind and compassionate, and all around a joy to have at that time. Thank you!” – Jane D.

“I want to thank you and everyone at Regal for your kindness and professionalism as regards the care of my father during the last year and a half of his life. Both Patricia and Rachelle were hard working and professional yet at the same time, extremely kind and compassionate towards Dad. Linda displayed an incredible level of knowledge and professional expertise in carrying out her duties, Whether accompanying Dad to doctor visits, recommending protocols, schedule changes or simply making dad laugh, she did it all. I found her to be kind, compassionate and very caring.” – Sherry B.

written_testimonials“Thank you for providing my parents with fantastic home health care. The doctor told me that I could count on your agency for great professional service, so I expected a lot. You have exceeded my expectations. Tracy, your Director of Professional Services, has been consistently supportive of my parents while keeping me up to date on their changing conditions and needs. She has won our confidence and trust by continually going out of her way for them. Most importantly, my parents’ caregivers have exhibited a balance of professionalism and love that has been a great source of comfort to us all.” – Larry H.

“Sadly my beloved step-mother passed away last night. We are very grateful for the kind, caring, supportive services that all of you at Regal have provided over the past several months. Her aides were her angels that gave her comfort and security.” – Audrey S.

“I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for my mom. Your cheerfulness, thoroughness, and professional attitude really made a difference in her life, as well as ours!” – E.K.

“My thanks to your team and you for all the wonderful care and attention that Mom received. It was certainly a big concern that Mom obtained good care a year ago. You put my fears to rest. It will remain a great comfort to recollect all Mom attained in her final year. Thank you for the important part you played. On behalf of my sisters and self, we are most appreciative for all you did for Mom.” – Joe C.

“Madeline passed away unexpectedly after struggling with Alzheimer’s for the past seven years. A very special thank you to Monica for the respite care over the past year.” – Family of Madeline B.

“Cameron we are so grateful and appreciative for your professional input, knowledge and patience. You have a kind, caring and compassionate personality. Thank you.” – Carol G.

“My Mother loved the aide who came on Monday, and she is very thankful every day for Veronique, who she says is very special. Thank you for providing such good service. We will be continuing to work with you.” – Ronnie A.

“Carolyne, the med nurse, could not be nicer. She is caring and flexible and it’s obvious she wants to do the right thing for her clients. Please pass on my thanks to her.” – Dennis B.

Revalin showed the utmost professionalism in her role of live-in caregiver of my father during the last months of his life. It takes a special person to deal with a patient who is making the ultimate transition. Her attitude that put the patient’s well being and needs at the forefront afforded him the dignity and ability to stay in his home of 27 years until he died. I also appreciate the professionalism and responsiveness Regal showed to the concerns of the patient, family, and me in particular during this trying time”. – Dan H.

“Please let me tell you about how satisfied I was with your agency. Julie was very professional and understood immediately what my needs were and what type of individual would fit my needs. Jane, the RN was helpful and courteous. She made excellent suggestions about what type of care I would need. My aide, Katya, was a tremendous help to me. She always came on time and helped me tremendously. She was always courteous and polite. She made helpful suggestions which helped with my progress. She is always happy, and dresses immaculately.” – Roberta L.

“If it weren’t for you my mother would have been who knows where during the hurricane. As it were she enjoyed the stay at the hotel very much and appreciated the warm food all throughout. You really are life savers.” – R.F.

“Thank you so much for seeing to the care of Michael. It made the transition so much easier for us. I will recommend you to anybody I know who needs Care Management services.” – T.S.

“Warm wonderful caring people, professional all the way! You made an incredibly difficult time better, Thank you.” – Marc G.

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful presence in my brother’s life. It meant so much to us to know that you were a kind and consistent presence during those difficult months.” – L.N.

These testimonials were excerpted from letters, emails or texts received from clients or their loved ones.  At Regal we respect our clients’ privacy. Should you need a recommendation or reference, we will gladly accommodate your request.