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Seniors Start Snacking Smarter!

Friday, January 29, 2016 @ 12:01 PM

Seniors snack healthyDo you find that as the years go by, in spite of counting calories and exercising regularly, your bathroom scale continues to register an increase in pounds and your bedroom mirror an increase in inches? Slowing metabolism may be part of the cause and a drop in hormones may also be the culprit, but if you are retired chances are you might be snacking more due to boredom coming from a lack of meaningful activity, or just the fact that you are home alone with the fridge!

Don’t despair – your body is changing and your habits need to as well. If you eat a reasonably balanced diet, exercise regularly during the week, and watch your alcohol intake, it could be the mindless snacking throughout the day that is adding those additional calories resulting in weight gain. Here are some healthy habits that can lead to less snacking, and if you are going to snack, suggestions how to do it better:

~  Rethink Breakfast – you be less likely to snack before lunch

~  Repurpose nutritious breakfast foods as snacks – granola is great mid-morning as well

~  Grab a whole grain snack instead of some thing sweet and sticky – try a few pretzels instead of a donut

~  Go “nuts” – for peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, or hazelnuts; start with a handful and add a few slices of apple or banana, even a carrot or celery stick will do

~  Try a combo – pair a carb with a protein for a balanced snack that will make you feel full like low fat cheese slices on whole grain crackers

~  Don’t succumb to temptation – plan ahead if you are away from home and carry healthy snacks with you if a meal will be delayed so you won’t be tempted by cookies and candy laying about

~  Watch your portions – even the healthiest of snacks can do harm if you eat too much – measure everything by the cup or ounce

~  Keep a food diary – write down what is actually going in your mouth between meals (include beverages), you’ll be shocked at the end of the day

~  Don’t snack and surf – stay off the web or away from the TV, better to turn your snack into a “mini meal” for more satisfaction

 ~  Be a skeptic – low fat and low sugar packaged snacks aren’t always so, check labels

healthy snacks for Seniors 5 There are a lot of good reasons to keep your weight under control, one of which is healthier aging. For Seniors, those benefits include increased cognition, resistance to illness, more energy and better management of chronic health problems. Should you have the opposite problem, and have trouble gaining or maintaining weight, there might be an underlying medical issue. Check with your physician. Seniors often lose appetite due to chronic pain or illness, reactions to medications, dental problems, problems swallowing, etc. A trained clinician will be able to spot an issue, isolate the problem and suggest a solution.

CONTACT US: Regal professionals take a “whole”-istic approach to care. We believe that healthy nutrition habits, daily activities, proper medication management and monitoring of symptoms translate to better patient outcomes whatever the underlying conditions might be that are being treated. Regal’s proactive and preventative approach results in a plan of care that helps individuals reach their optimum level of wellness sooner. For more information on our services contact Ferial Andre, RN, CCM, CDP, at 561-499-8382 or

This article is not intended as medical advice