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Flip-Flops Are Not Friendly Footwear For Seniors

Monday, August 17, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

flip_flops_Senior_fallsSenior guys and gals should be wary of wearing flip-flops for many reasons; first and foremost is the threat of falls!

Be kind to your aging feet – comfortable shoes should be worn when walking for any length of time or distance. Flip-flops make sense for short spurts of activity like at the pool or beach, in the yard – but not for long stretches of time like trips to the mall or shopping at Publix.

Flip-flops are flat and give little support to the arch so wearing them for long periods of time can lead to knee, hip, and back problems. Poor arch support is also associated with leg muscle fatigue, tendinitis and a painful foot condition called plantar fasciitis.

Flip-flops offer very little protection for the feet and toes, and are risky for diabetics. The risk of getting splinters or other foot injuries is higher when the feet are so exposed. People with diabetes should not wear flip-flops, because simple cuts and scrapes can lead to serious complications.

For the frail or those unsteady on their feet, you run the risk of dragging your foot, which may cause you to stumble and fall! Why put yourself at risk for a hip injury or broken bone due to osteoporosis? If you insist on sticking with flip flops, find a pair with some arch support and cupping on the heel, as well as non-slip soles. More information can be found here: 

Contact Us: Of course, the list of safety tips for Seniors is endless. Keep in mind that if an elderly loved one is at risk for falls due to surgery, illness, impaired cognitive abilities or other medical condition, Regal professionals can provide an in-home safety check to prevent falls. We can recommend an action plan to keep the client safe and even take them shopping for sensible shoes! Should you have any questions regarding Regal’s in-home care and special services, please contact Ferial Andre, RN, CCM, CDP, at 561-499-8382 or